Princess Cecilia – Facts About the Hawaiian Princess


Cecilia Elizabeth Makemakeikamakani, commonly referred to as Crown Princess of Hawaii or officially Princess Cecilia of the Hawaiian Islands, was born at Kahala Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii on 31 March 1976 and currently resides with her Russian real estate developer husband Vladimir Izmaylov, their two children Kathleen Duchess of Malakiko and Samuel Duke of Waimea in Kanalu House at Kahala Palace grounds. Cece speaks both English and Hawaiian fluently but mostly speaks Russian since moving there from Hawaii in 1999 when she met Izmaylov in Moscow for their wedding.

Cece’s nickname originated as an infant when her brother Prince David Oliver struggled with pronouncing her full name correctly; thus leading him to call her Cece instead. Cece is intelligent, compassionate and caring person with strong sense of duty who sometimes appears stubborn but actually responds very adaptablely when necessary.

Though she is the youngest of The 7C’s, she is an excellent leader and second smartest (after Caramba). Additionally, she is a skilled warrior, agility leader and gun master – becoming one of the most effective fighters among The 7C’s known for taking down any opponent she faces with ease. Additionally, she can leap several times her height or length as well as walk on walls while shooting purple arrows or even laser beams from her gun!

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