Moon Valley Maypeach – Grow Your Own Delicious Local Fruits and Vegetables

Maypeach is known for its sweet and juicy flavor, making it perfect for fresh eating, desserts, canning or preserves. Adaptable to various climates and soil conditions, Maypeach makes an ideal choice for home orchards as well as commercial growers alike. As this early season variety is self-fertile – simplifying orchard management while proximity to another peach tree can increase productivity.

Moon Valley nurseries can assist you in starting to grow your own delicious fruits and veggies right here at home! Visit any of our locations and browse through our wide selection of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

Planting food yourself can save money, increase nutrition and feel great about what’s being put on the table! Our planting guide will assist in getting your plants off to a successful start – we suggest mulching around tree bases to maintain moisture and control weeds; keep reading to discover more tips for successful gardening!

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