How To Stop Squirting

Squirting can be an intuitive bodily response for some. Squirting can provide an exhilarating orgasm experience and also boost confidence if someone feels self-conscious about their erogenous zone. Unfortunately, however, the idea of squirting has become stigmatized over time and doesn’t happen nearly as frequently as it should – let’s dispel some myths:


During orgasms, fluids are released from the bladder but this does not qualify as “pee”; rather it consists of vaginal secretions mixed with water released by urethral gland, located beneath the bladder. Although no definitive answers exist as to why some people squirt while others don’t, making sure there is plenty of foreplay and using lubrication can stimulate clitoris and encourage your partner to “come hither.”

SQUIRTING DOESN’T HAVE TO OCCUR DURING SEDATON. Squirting can be very pleasurable when done without experiencing sexual sensation, and doesn’t reflect negatively on a woman’s sexual ability or health.

Before masturbating or having sex, it’s also essential to stay well hydrated. Water makes the squirting easier; plus, drinking lots of it every day will only benefit your sexual life!

Hopefully, this article has dispelled some of the misconceptions around squirting and inspired people to explore their bodies and the pleasures they can provide – it is ultimately up to each person themselves to decide what their sex life requires and what tickles their buttons.

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