10 of Our Favorite Tyler the Creator Songs

Tyler the Creator is one of our all-time favorite rappers and has long been one of our top producers. An expert of multiple genres, Tyler has never been afraid to take risks with his music – from Yonkers through Domo Genesis collaborations he has produced some incredible tracks that are both complex and catchy at once! One of his most interesting tracks ever released can be found below – all 10 tracks we love by him can be found below.

2. “Crying Over A Fucked Up Embrace’ Tyler is masterful at creating songs with contrastive styles – such as this song about crying over an unfortunate relationship, one of his more emotional tracks from his back catalog, yet featuring amazing production quality making this record one of Tyler’s catchiest releases to date.

3. VCR’ This song from Tyler’s debut album Goblin may be what people associate him with first. Although some may find its content offensive such as lyrics about hitting women and sexual assault, its unique sound stands out. Overall it’s an effective track that puts Tyler on the map as an artistic force to be reckoned with.

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