Daddy_Daycare_ is a hilarious movie with an excellent message about fatherhood. While the humor does not include typical crude jokes, there is mild profanity and toilet humor throughout, which the children find hilarious. They also often play an instrumental role.

Eddie Murphy stars as Charlie, an enthusiastic marketer who’s deeply in love with his wife (Regina King) and 4-year-old son Ben. After his latest product fails miserably, Charlie and Phil (Jeff Garlin) lose their jobs, forcing them to open Daddy Day Care — an in-home children’s center run solely by dads — as a desperate way of providing income. Though at first struggling financially, eventually their success irked Ms. Harridan (Anjelica Huston), headmistress of Chamberlin Academy (where children wear uniforms while studying Freud, Portuguese and SAT vocabulary words).

Harridan initially attempts to keep Daddy Day Care under wraps from her friends, but ultimately they must admit its existence to acquire a building for their day care business. She offers to take in their kids for cheaper fees in exchange for which the dads reopen Daddy Day Care with former colleague Marvin as assistant. Over time, their day care business grows as bonding with children grows as well as personal issues resolved. Cheap Trick also make an appearance during one of Daddy Day Care’s charity events!

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