Vixen Sasha Says Her Life Is In Danger


Tanzanian Video Vixen Sasha has expressed concern that her life is at stake after she alleges that one of her rivals plans to use acid on her for stealing her husband, according to an interview conducted with an online news portal. Sasha expressed these sentiments during a video interview conducted during which time.

This season of “Race” has been full of heart, showing just how diverse and multidimensional drag is; queens like Sharon Needles, Alyssa Edwards, Latrice Royale and Sasha Velour have each showcased their own talents and styles. But this season also marked the return of mean girls – or as they’re known in drag parlance “shady queens.”

Vixen Media Group, known for adult content sites such as Blacked and Tushy, recently unveiled Slayed: an adult content website focused on women with various sexual fetishes. Some familiar faces can also be seen here!

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