Alysa_Pusy – Get Down and Dirty With Her Latex Fetish Wear

Alysa_Pusy is an attractive brunette who enjoys getting down and dirty in her chat room. Her dominant nature and friendly demeanor always leave partners wanting more, especially when wearing latex fetish wear that shows off her gorgeous nipples.

She unzipped her short dress and let it fall to the floor, then stepped out of it before sitting down on her haunches. Darren approached and pulled off her bra before looking at her and telling her “Sit Up.” He grabbed both ankles and wrists until she remained sitting up firmly.

He slides his hands down her thighs before sliding them under her skirt to her side, where they meet his grasp and she gasps as she feels the sting of a crotch rape and the sensation of her cock being forced through fabric to her skin by Darren’s grip on it. It fucks her hard as she leans back allowing him to penetrate her and penetrate further.

After being seduced by his words and touch, she allows him to tease her with his mouth before moving up close and licking her head. Although uncertain of her readiness for more intimate behavior, she gives it a shot anyway.

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