Browniezuza is a chocolate-flavored brownie packed with melatonin, L-theanine, valerian root and 25mg of CBD that’s designed to promote relaxation for adults with stressful lives. According to its website, this product may help adults unwind from stressful lifestyles; however, Higgins warns it could start an unwelcome cycle by encouraging people to consume energy drinks followed by relaxation pills.

Bertha Palmer of Chicago socialite fame created the brownie for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition as chairwoman of its Board of Lady Managers. She requested Palmer House pastry chefs devise a dessert that could easily fit in lunch boxes at Women’s Pavilion luncheons in Exposition’s Women Pavilion; their result? A fudgy brownie that required no refrigeration whatsoever!

Now a mainstay in American diets and revered across cultures worldwide, the brownie’s journey from humble origins to iconic status has not been without some challenges.

Mary Jane Rathbun, better known by her nickname of “Brownie Mary,” famously made the brownie famous during the 1980s by gifting pot-laced brownies to AIDS patients during her campaign for medical marijuana legalization. This act of compassionate civil disobedience landed her in numerous courtrooms where she defended her right to continue serving these delectable treats; eventually the prosecutors relented and let her continue her campaign; later that same year voters approved Proposition 215, making California the first state legalizing medicinal marijuana usage!

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