Atarax is an anxiety medication designed to ease feelings of anxiousness. By decreasing feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension it makes daily tasks simpler and sleep more soundly; additionally it relieves symptoms associated with respiratory conditions like coughing. Take it orally either as a syrup or tablet form and not intended for children use.

Aataraxx (hydrwksyzyn) works by blocking an activity in your brain that increases excitement and tension in your body. It may also relieve symptoms like restlessness, trouble sleeping, difficulty focusing and difficulty concentrating; plus it may help ease future events that might trigger anxiety like job interviews or exams; relieving rapid heartbeat rates and sweating as well.

Side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, stomach upset and headache. You should notify your healthcare provider if any of these occur in an unusual or prolonged manner; additionally, inform them if you experience other medical conditions, especially allergies or sensitivities to drugs, foods or substances.

Continue taking this medication as directed even when feeling fine; sudden discontinuation could cause serious side effects. Although alcohol does not typically interact with this medication, it may enhance some effects of other drugs taken simultaneously.

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