Vac-U-Lock has long been one of the most acclaimed sex toys on the market and for good reason. This harness and plug system has revolutionized strap on play with its comfort-enhancing harnesses and flexible plug system; all designed to keep any insertable toy perfectly in place without moving around or coming loose while masturbation toys such as dildos can now be tried out without worrying about them moving or falling off during use.

A Vac-U-Lock works simply. A plug or prong fits into the hole at the base of a dildo and attaches to a series of O-rings on its base; this forms a vice-like grip that won’t give way no matter how hard or precarious your experimentation gets. To make your experience even more intense, lubricate your dildo with water-based lube to increase both comfort and friction between it and its plug.

To elevate your Vac-U-Lock setup to the next level, add a vibrating wand attachment and spice things up! It features seven vibration modes which can be controlled with an remote.

Doc Johnson offers an expansive selection of dildos and kink toys compatible with their Vac-U-Lock system, though many of these toys may not be body safe due to materials like jelly or U3R that could potentially cause infections if they come in contact with intimate areas.

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