Ashley Benson1 – The Bombshell You Need in Your Life!

Ashley Benson1 is an all-natural beauty with an intoxicating sense of seduction and charisma, who’ll leave your head spinning! Boasting an irresistibly seductive form and loving every second of being Dominant, Ashley knows exactly how to please both men and women. Squirting and sucking are among her many talents; her love for life and dancing outshone all others – this bombshell should definitely be part of your life!

Benson first gained notoriety for her portrayal of Hanna Marin on ABC Family’s mystery-thriller teen drama Pretty Little Liars in December 2009.[1] She quickly took on Alison DiLaurentis’ place as Rosewood High’s popular “it girl”. She quickly rose through the ranks.

She also appeared as Emma Taylor in the 2015 film Ratter, appearing as part of Vogue magazine photo shoots and acting in music videos for G-Eazy’s Creep, Romeo Miller (aka Lil Romeo) & Solange True Love video and NLT’s That Girl video.

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