Taylorsosweet Album Review

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Taylor Swift released her latest album with great fanfare last Friday, to the delight of her loyal “Swifties”. Many have already taken to it enthusiastically and her music critics are hailing it as her finest work ever written lyrically and critically.

“Look What You Made Me Do” serves as a retrospective look back on Taylor’s journey thus far, from her Pennsylvania roots all the way through to her first major break in Nashville. This song honors her perseverance despite difficult circumstances and stands as a testament to her perseverance against all odds.

“Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” is an emotional song which draws upon Taylor’s regret over a previous relationship she once held dear. Young Taylor wasn’t ready for the responsibility involved with being in a romantic partnership at that point in time; therefore this song effectively expresses this sentiment.

The final track on Swiftie’s album remains something of a puzzle; many Swifties believe it could be a teaser for her next project. The lyrics “Taylor says NEXT so what do you say” could indicate she may be giving an indication as to when Speak Now TV may be released.

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