Zoey_Jade has become a prolific creator on OnlyFans through their dedication and loyal fan base, garnering them an ever-expanding subscriber base and providing engaging original content that appeals to audiences of all kinds – creating an enjoyable experience for all involved!

Zoey Brooks is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks and older sister of Dustin. She attends Pacific Coast Academy, a prestigious Southern California boarding school that initially admitted only boys, and currently only admits girls. Zoey lives in Room 101 of PCA’s girl hallway along with Dana Cruz, Nicole Bristow, Lola Martinez and Quinn Pensky (all season 1) as well as frenemy Logan Reese; in season three Chase Matthews from Michael Barret’s boy hallway living alongside Michael Barret who still harbors feelings for Zoey that started that day onward.

She is an intelligent, playful, honest, and opinionated individual with the power to rally others behind her cause. A born leader, she can think quickly on her feet in emergency situations if needed. A top student in science and history classes at PCA; also an accomplished athlete – playing both first girls’ basketball team at PCA as well as disc golf team with Dana, Nicole, Michael Barret and Logan Reese as teammates!

Zoey offers many entertaining moments in “Zoey’s Balloon”. She also makes for heartwarming scenes such as comforting Chase after his grandmother dies or confessing her feelings for him in “Chase’s Grandma”. Although her short relationship with James wasn’t very satisfying, at least it ended on an amicable note.

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