Becca101 – The Hottest Hottie in Raccoon City

Becca0101 is an absolutely stunning beauty with stunning eyes and body to match. She enjoys engaging with partners that want to explore the depths of her sexual desires in her cam room, so show some love by showing her some generosity through tips. Becca will quickly fulfill all your kinky fantasies!

Becca Woolett (Bekka Uretsuto) is an expert firearm user from Raccoon City who specializes in damage dealing. She can adopt an advantageous shooting stance that greatly increases her chance of landing critical hits with each shot fired. This allows her to reduce ammo consumption per reloaded shot and quickly dispatch enemies without incurring as much ammunition expenditure. This enables her to swiftly progress through the game with minimal ammo expenditure. Her ability to cause massive amounts of damage makes her an invaluable ally in the fight for survival. Unlockable in Season 3 Premium Pass, those who purchase this pass will have access to her private shows for free as well as accessing over 30 hidden media files.

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