Tik Tok Live Nude – Is It Safe For Minors?

Tik Tok Live Nude provides many teenagers with an outlet to share and view nude videos, receive sexually explicit comments and earn money via viewers who send gifts directly to creators. Critics allege it may also be used by minors for exploitative sexual activities and does not protect them from this form of exploitation.

Tik Tok declined to provide direct comments for this story, but has previously pointed to federal law which exempts internet companies from liability when hosting and moderating user content posted to them. Furthermore, they have implemented a policy prohibiting videos which depict, involve or promote sexual exploitation of minors.

Searches of “nude” on YouTube provide thousands of results that have been watched millions of times and many include videos tagged #fakebody, suggesting that what appears in them may be fake rather than real people.

However, it remains difficult to know the amount of nudity being shared online due to an app’s moderation system that’s so restrictive, euphemisms and code words have developed into what’s known as algospeak that make AI detect and flag minor exploitation faster.

Parents and guardians can utilize the app’s Restricted Mode to limit access to certain content such as human or animal blood, fictional violence and potentially distressing or mildly graphic material. Furthermore, they can block specific comments as well as prevent trolls from commenting on Live streams.

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