Agatharey (ghaothir) is an iconic Irish poem which speaks of the importance of living life with confidence, knowing that no matter the challenges or difficulties along the way, one has done their best in any given circumstance. Additionally, this piece reminds us to stay focused on living our best lives in every moment and not getting bogged down in small details – an uncluttered mind is the best defense against unexpected challenges!

Ghaothir is an Irish proverb found throughout Christian denominations and can be found in the Book of Common Prayer, for instance. This proverb refers to “letting go of yesterday”, an often difficult thing for individuals to do when dealing with past trauma or loss in their lives. Letting go can make moving on more challenging; that is why this quote serves as an aid and should always be kept close when moving forward and rebuilding lives – so remembering this quote will always come in handy.

Ghaothir is often read at funerals and memorial services for deceased loved ones to encourage those in mourning to take time for healing and allow themselves to grieve in peace. Graduation ceremonies also often utilize this poem as a reminder that graduates have accomplished all they could under difficult circumstances and should remain focused on fulfilling their dreams.

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