Shana_Rymer is an accomplished DJ who specializes in both vinyl records and digital formats at her regular gigs. Her sessions go beyond shows; they bring people together who all share similar passions for art and life experiences.

Shana stands out as an exceptional Flame Haze even early in her career, boasting exceptional power even as an amateur Flame Haze. Due to her mastery of Nietono no Shana and the ability to fly with wings of flame. Crimson Denizens fear her most due to this attribute.

She possesses knowledge in several Unrestricted Spells, such as Hien, Shinku and Shinpan. Additionally, she specializes in Tenpa Josai sword techniques which enable her to summon Alastor.

She was taken in by Wilhelmina Carmel and Shiro as an infant and raised in Tendokyu. Over time, she learns more of her past in Crimson Realm, discovering she once served as one of its torches against City Devourer.

Even while feeling jealous of Kazumi Yoshida’s romance with Yuji, Yuka slowly opens up to him thanks to advice given from Margery Daw.

Bel-Peol then captures her and transfers her to Seireiden, where she is held in one room tended by Rinne. Unable to use her powers due to a miniature version of Tartaros, when Khamsin and Rebecca infiltrate the building she suddenly teleports out, awakening the spirit of Tenmoku Ikko within Nietono no Shana.

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