Kathy’s Table – Celebrating a Life Well Lived

Kathy was an active member of her community, participating in many different activities and volunteering her time for charitable causes. Kathy especially enjoyed spending time with her family.

Kathy’s career has been propelled forward by the support of her passionate fans. She has sold out theatres across North America, Europe and Australia; performed for military personnel serving overseas; and her television shows have become international hits with millions tuning in every week to watch her unique brand of humor.

Kathy was a beloved daughter and wife who also happened to be the proud mother of two gorgeous young adults and an affectionate pet. Kathy enjoyed raising her kids, training for half marathons, fostering rescue dogs and expanding her furniture business – her respectfulness for others and ability to make positive differences in lives of those she touched was greatly valued by everyone she encountered.

She has shared her music at benefit concerts for the homeless and offered musical programs at private therapeutic boarding schools. Additionally, she has offered her time as a volunteer teacher/singer in prisons while volunteering her services in supporting abused children.

Kathy’s Table meals are gluten-free and made with organic ingredients whenever possible, to support healing in the gut and restore natural microbial biomes. By eliminating these inflammatory foods from your diet, your body can heal itself more quickly. Kathy’s Table provides the easiest and simplest path towards organic, gluten-free and healthy eating with meals prepackaged, portioned and packaged for you so all that’s left is enjoying!

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