Sanabreak is an entertaining and charming show featuring international hololive artists collaborating to perform music. The series blends live chatting and singing performances with video clips of participants to create an enjoyable viewing experience for viewers. While Sanabreak can initially seem intimidating for newcomers, once one becomes used to it it can become extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

At the start of each series, Sana breaks her silence limiter, enabling her to speak freely and read messages and drawings from fans. Additionally, she speaks candidly about her experiences being part of Hololive as well as who her favorite artist is within their ranks. Sana remains very supportive towards fellow Hololive members by co-hosting various streams together with them.

Although she possesses an immense capacity for empathy and an affinity for space exploration, Sanallites recognize that not all their plans will pan out exactly according to plan; she shares openly and honestly about any obstacles or hurdles that stand in their path.

Sana has an incredible way of drawing out the best in her genmates and council members. She does this by showering them with affection, reminding them not to take life for granted, and encouraging them to embrace every moment as life presents itself. Sana enjoys strong connections with her friends; their support even in spite of their homophobic views is evidenced in how they encourage Sana to part ways with Jamie even though this would affect them more than Sana herself.

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