Salemhex is the third game in the Witch Trials series. At the peak of these trials, a coven of cultists came together to try to bring Salem into darkness once again. But after their attempts failed, they disbanded; yet their Necronomicon remained hidden away until its next opportunity presented itself – hopefully one day when its dark power could once more be unleashed upon humanity.

Although she wasn’t officially part of the Coven, Hex Master kept practicing her Grandmother’s deadly curse, looking out for opportunities to use it against townspeople until it finally hit. When that momentous opportunity presented itself, Hex Master would unleash her curse against it all and cause its devastation.

At nightfall, choose one player each turn to Hex. When all living non-Coven players have been hit with Hexes at the end of the Night, a Hex Bomb will activate and kill all. For this to work successfully, Hex Master must remain alive or be revived by Necromancer; his visits appear as astral intrusions that bypass any Bodyguards or Traps on targets, and cannot be defended against with an attack; He can claim as Trickster without fearing Roleblocks from Sheriffs

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