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Daniel Todes C’74 Gr’81 began work on his epic biography of Ivan Pavlov, the legendary Russian scientist whose experiments with dogs had such an impact on Western culture they even made it into a Rolling Stones song, at just the right moment: as Soviet Russia collapsed and Glasnost allowed access to previously restricted materials like archive manuscripts, lab protocols, and secret surveillance reports.

As Todes discovered, Pavlov’s story goes beyond science; another key component was his remarkable and contentious relationship with the Bolshevik regime that took power in 1918. While condemning revolutionary repression and terror as well as dogmatism and suppression of religion by their government, this reactionary physiologist shut ranks with them by closing his labs on Sundays and suspending hosting weekly conferences at Koltushi during Easter and Christmas holidays.

Todes provides an in-depth portrait of Ivan Pavlov’s extraordinary life through reading and synthesizing archival materials to paint a complete portrait. Pavlov was both an accomplished physiologist and passionate patriot – an intriguing dichotomy which Todes explores.

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