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Nicky (John Cassavetes), on the run from a hit squad, calls upon longtime friend Mikey (Peter Falk). Although both men are struggling to overcome personal struggles of their own, Mikey agrees to help. Their night together starts out paternalistic but eventually turns to boyish rowdiness and suspicion as suspicions surface between them.

Nicky begins as the stereotypical nerd, making him easy prey for bullies like Brick & Stick. But through the course of the series, he gradually transitions into becoming more self-assured, hyper-intelligent individual who seeks physical improvements for himself – eventually earning himself the reputation for winning wrestling matches against anyone and becoming a red belt level expert in karate due to time spent with Carly Taylor Alex & their friends.

Nicky’s intelligence as part of the DigiDestined is invaluable, creating and maintaining much of their weaponry, gadgets, and Digimon. In particular, he devised the method used by Lilithmon’s Dark Dimension to infiltrate it initially and later creating an interface so RADBUG Digivices can access the Command Center with. Furthermore, he assisted Aqua Warriors against a race of WaterPollutemon that have been taken over by Sirenmon.

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