Lopezbecky Joins the Baltimore Orioles


On Saturday, the Orioles claimed Lopez off waivers from the Miami Marlins and completed their long-debated trade for him from Minnesota Twins via waivers. Lopez will soon join an already formidable bullpen that includes current leader Yennier Cano – one of four pitchers they received as part of this trade from them (two are Baseball America top-30 prospects for Baltimore’s system).

Becky G is paying homage to Jennifer Lopez with the launch of her music video for “Becky from the Block,” inspired by its original version. Over 2 Million YouTube views have already seen it!

George Shrinks recently made friends with 10-year-old Becky Lopez who lives nearby and shares adventures with them and their family. Becky is captain of Little League Ice Hockey team called Storks as well as an Instagram sensation and often posts updates regarding George.

Barry Lopez is an advocate of Mother Nature who uses his writing to explore how humans affect her. His most recent book “Of Wolves and Men” addresses human population growth’s effects on nature and wildlife. Furthermore, his relationship with California landscape was written about; where he explored some of its more remote corners. Meagan Worley of The Sun spoke with Barry Lopez about how nature has helped define his sense of place.

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