EmmaandJake – Characters and Background Information

Emma works as a junior marketing rep at Panda Organic Food Company in a suburban neighborhood near San Diego, California with her sister Liv and their dog Jake. Emma hails from Caucasian descent with bob-blond hair style featuring hazel eyes. Known for being hard working yet competitive and cunning player; known for having no-nonsense yet level headed personality which provides perfect contrast against her bubbly sister Liv.

Emma possesses a deep-seated sense of loyalty and integrity that often acts as the “glue” to hold together her team during difficult times. However, Emma does have issues trusting others due to being an aggressive player – something which sometimes compromises her emotional wellbeing when getting caught up in romance.

Emma has grown tremendously through her relationship with Noah. Their closeness has allowed her to reassess her priorities and ideals, become more open-minded, and appreciate other teams’ efforts in the race. Additionally, it has changed how she interacts with peers – a welcome departure from her past method of helping.

Emma and Kitty may experience conflicts at times, but are usually able to come together for the good of their alliance members. Emma often is more serious and levelheaded than Kitty when competing in tough challenges like Lord of the Ring Toss and Dude Buggies.

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