Ellen Palacios Heykitty

Ellen Palacios Heykitty was born January 20, 1938 and passed away April 20 at age 78. She was known for her deep faith, incredible work ethic, and high standards both professionally as well as personally. She showed great affection towards her children and grandchildren by making gifts just for them or spending time at their family farm together.

As part of her showbiz debut in 2010, she joined ABS-CBN and appeared as Tamara in Moon of Desire (2015) as an afternoon drama character kontrabida character. By 2016, she had become a regular in the daytime soap opera Langit Lupa where she played Sari Elizondo before later landing leads roles in Home Sweetie Home (2016-207) and Pasion De Amor (2015).

She was also renowned as a fashion model, appearing on magazine covers such as Candy, UNO and Speed. A member of the Philippine Society of Models, she won several awards for her modeling abilities.

She enjoyed reading, spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking and running her Avon resale business. In addition, she is survived by daughters Sandra “Khandee” Cantrell, Kevyn Cameron and Karyn Marshall as well as son Robert George Heiss; brother Gary Eugene Gerken and six grandchildren with four great-grandchildren as well as numerous beloved nieces and nephews.

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