Artejones Nudes

The nude woman is one of the most controversial subjects in art history. This representation treads an ambiguous line between artistic and pornographic depiction; therefore it should be judged accordingly.

The female nude has long been a source of sexual desire and lust. In Renaissance art, its depiction often served as an allegory or allusion. By contrast, during Mannerism period sensuality became an avenue to express emotions such as anguish, sadness and existential drama; similarly Otto Dix’s tortured women and war widows symbolize the duality of human bodies as both sources of sexual desire as well as symbols of mortality.

Jean-Honore Fragonard transformed nude painting in the 1770s by moving away from religious and mythological themes, like his masterpiece Shirt Removed which depicts a young narpped woman lying down while her servant (called a putto) unbuttons her blouse – creating an irreverent scene which defies religious morality yet could easily pass for sexual content.

eBay’s nude artwork policy aims to ensure a positive trading experience for all its members. Under this policy, sellers cannot include images depicting naked bodies in their listings and must make it clear that any reproduction art they display is just that – as this helps reduce potential confusion or legal complications for all parties involved.

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