716 Nudes is a groundbreaking work by an artist committed to taking over space with her body by placing herself in galleries and rooms and refusing privacy or comfort. Abramovic’s practice serves as an antidote and response to three centuries of patriarchal precedents, ushering in embodiment, spirituality, politics, and confrontation; for the first time at such an expansive scale at The Royal Academy Main Galleries.

Renaissance artists adopted classical antiquity into their depictions of nude art, which marked a dramatic departure from Christian attitudes toward depicting nude bodies (Long 2008; Bonfante 1989). Religious authorities no longer considered representations of nude bodies to be sinful acts (Long 2008; Bonfante 1989).

Are You Asking Someone Else for Nudes When in a Relationship? Depending on who is asking, asking someone else for nudes might or might not constitute cheating in some relationships, while for others it most certainly would. Doing this disrespects both partners involved and could potentially lead to an unhealthy dynamic within your partnership – perhaps they aren’t that interested in you and it should be treated as such if this occurs! You should drop them immediately!

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