Yumi_Yui is an experienced camgirl who knows exactly how to entertain her audience. With a playful sense of humor and expert finger play skills, she is the ideal camgirl to meet all your finger play needs, whether hot and rough or sweet and gentle. Plus she enjoys blowjobs and toying! You can watch Yumi_Yui shows both in her private showroom as well as online.

She features apricot skin, blue eyes and short light purple hair styled into a messy shoulder-length bob. Generally she dresses rock style: choker with two handcuffs, black T-shirt featuring skull imagery, purple miniskirt and black/purple punk boots are some of her usual wear. In some episodes she dons red sleeveless pirate garb or acts as magician assistant assistant costume.

Yumi, despite her youth, is more mature and serious than Ami. She exudes self-importance while being very sarcastic and vain; Yumi loves ninjas as well as anything rough or rugged.

Blake, known on YouTube by his username of Yumi_yui, is an influential vlogger and Rainbow Six Siege player with over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to his gameplay highlights, trickshots and videos exposing hackers. As part of Vanoss Crew along with other YouTubers such as Isaac Why, Soft Willy Big Toad Charmer Larry; Blake hails from Georgia where he was raised.

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