Kali_Nostra, the Indian goddess of death and destruction, appears in yogic art usually with wild hair and bare breasts; holding her characteristic sword; she often sticks out her tongue as well. While this image might be confronting, it’s important to recognize that Kali_Nostra is both fierce and kind – she destroys demons in order to help people shed attachments to false beliefs or personal identities and lead them towards freedom from them all.

Annie found liberation through Kali. The goddess’s sharp eye cut through Annie’s fear-based passivity, showing how much of her identity had been formed by social conditioning since childhood. Though confronting that truth was difficult at times, Annie realized she must remain true to herself by standing up for what she believed in and asserting herself against those who opposed her views.

“Finding Your Kali Side” means tapping into an inner power capable of uprooting old habits inherited from family. It’s the force that can enable you to say no to anything harmful for yourself or others and fight hard for what matters to you most – values which matter the most for each of us individually.

Mother Kali epitomizes tough love at its spiritual core. She requires you to become an unashamed warrior for truth and freedom, willing to slay any demons standing in your way of reaching liberation through yoga. Yoga should serve this function more than simply physical well-being!

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