What’s That XXXX at the End of a Text Or Email?


As you’ve worked to accumulate savings, and are starting to consider your long-term financial goals – be they home ownership or investing – you need to be careful not to put all your hard work at risk by spending it recklessly.

When someone writes “XXXX” at the end of an email or text, it could be intended as an expression of affection. Some cultures practice greeting friends and family with kisses on either cheek, which could explain why its use has become more frequent in European and Latin American countries as an electronic communication signoff.

Not only does XXXX indicate kisses, but it can also serve as an alternative to four-letter swear words in online communities with policies against vulgarity. Furthermore, newspaper headlines will sometimes contain filler text containing this acronym to cover up swear words.

Castlemaine Brewers of Brisbane, Australia produced a beer by this name in Brisbane called XXXX and ran an advertisement featuring the slogan: “Australians won’t give you anything else but an XXXX.” This campaign made XXXX popular around the world. Additionally, this name also serves as the name for one of the characters in 2004 British crime film Layer Cake with four X-chromosomes instead of just two; also, this term can refer to a condition known as Tetrasomy X, where four X chromosomes exist instead of two as seen with normal men.

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