Exposed Fags is an online community for fetishists to display themselves in various ways. You can browse and click through various galleries; also there are several live whores where people masturbate while you tip with tokens.

Fetishists frequently desire being exposed just for the thrill of it. Perhaps they want to shamefully show off to their friends, or it could even be that their Master blackmails them into doing it voluntarily – either way it can be very exciting for these fags to experience this sort of exposure and feel his power over them.

This also helps explain why the word fag still carries such negative connotations in most minds, even though its original purpose has changed to include less offensive language for gay males in general. Most people still perceive the stigmatized term as a way to dismiss or criticise gay males and it serves as an indication of negative attitudes about them in general.

Boys participating in the fag discourse will take great pains to ensure others see them as undeniably masculine by rejecting any behaviors associated with feminity or same sex desires, like imitating fags by mimicking them by mimicking lisping and mincing and drawing laughter from male audiences as they do so. Michael Jackson was an iconic example of this; his makeup and penchant for grabbing his crotch while dancing raised suspicion among fag-bashing set that he might actually be one.

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