Titan Academy Characters – Deniseone

Deniseone is a kind girl who always strives to do well at school. She doesn’t let bullies intimidate her and can stand up for herself when necessary; however, she cannot tolerate rudeness or being told what to do.

She likes studying too much, becoming excited whenever homework assignments are given out even though she knows they will keep her busy for weeks on end. She is an excellent student who remembers things quickly – this makes her one of the top students in class; however, her overzealousness when it comes to studying can sometimes surprise teachers with its intensity.

She may seem shy at first glance, but she can also be extremely attractive and alluring. She usually sports a white shirt-sleeve cardigan over a black and white tee, blue jeans, and brown sneakers for her attire on Picture Day – in 13 Types of Students on Picture Day she even showed off pigtails!

Titan Academy introduces us to her as the main protagonist and part of its tritagonist group: she ships JianHao. As a friend, she helps fellow classmates with their studies; not afraid to help those around her even if it means getting herself into trouble, she doesn’t shy away from helping those in need.

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