The Naked Espy fundraiser sees men dressed only in underwear standing outside Espy boutique to receive free clothing during Movember, raising funds for prostate cancer research. This event raises money in support of prostate cancer research.

The film takes place in Strasbourg and opens with Leo (an impressive performance by Felix Maritaud) visiting a doctor for treatment of bruises, split lips, coughing fits, stomach pains and other symptoms such as difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite – though he continues to work in one of humanity’s oldest industries (printing presses).

Leo stands out in a world characterized by men seeking comfort through sexual exploitation and degrading their partners, by possessing an almost-transcendentalist soul who finds solace in nature and lives without materialistic desires or attachments; his approach could almost resemble Emersonian thought but, for all its cruelty, Leo can also be very tender-hearted.

Some viewers may be put off by the graphic sexual scenes and passivity of its main character, but this film should be appreciated for its courageous depiction of prostitution in all its grim reality, without moralising or sentimentalizing it. Furthermore, its depiction of elderly gay men was especially moving.

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