Grant Carters career spans musical theatre, film and TV with his still-smooth voice often taking the role of Jesus Christ – be it religious significance or otherwise – being played out. Coming from Raelian background explains his ability to remain unperturbed by religious implications of playing such an iconic figure as Jesus – following in the footsteps of HB Warner as Emperor Constantine of Judea; Robert Powell as more reverent Messiah and most recently Jim Caviezels bloodied and battered Jesus from Mel Gibsons The Passion of the Christ.

But despite his impressive credentials, Carter lacks the pathos, vulnerability, and sensitivity necessary for this role. Eric Kunze (Pilate) lacks enough power and emotion in his performance to truly engage audiences with this character.

Still, some outstanding performances exist within this misbegotten production. Natalie Toros’ voluptuous Mary Magdalene stands out like Betty Boop in Jerusalem while Lawrence Clayton’s well-fed Judas recalls more of a Republican picnic attendee than an eternal tortured betrayer. Although this concept album contains excellent ideas — like using drumbeats as Jesuss heartbeat or sound effects of his flogging and death — these ideas often fall flat when put into action onstage; likely attributable to either Director/Music Director as well as actors failing to make these shenanigans work properly.

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