Sunbaby69 Webcam – Live Views of UW-Madison

Sunbaby69 Webcam

Sunbaby69’s webcam allows you to view the campus of UW Madison. It showcases the beautiful snow and ice and also gives a glimpse into the lives of many students. From students at the Middle Campus to those attending the Merkert Chemistry Center, you’ll find it all here.

Middle Campus

The Middle Campus webcam provides live views of the college’s campus and surrounding areas. This camera is located on the south face of Gasson Hall tower, and offers a view of the campus and Gasson Quad. Fulton Hall, a student residence at Carroll School of Management, is located across the quad. To the right of the building is Thomas More Apartments, a residential complex that opened in 2016. The building also features apartments, a seminar and music practice room, an office for undergraduate admission, and the University Health Services Center. A courtesy shuttle is available between Thomas More and the University campus.

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