Skyewatson was an esteemed fashion, celebrity and fine art photographer known for her masterful manipulation of contrasts and delicate compositions. A frequent contributor to Vogue Magazine as well as many European and American fashion publications, her unique style quickly caught the attention of music directors and film directors and she became one of the world’s most sought-after photographers.

Skye is also an accomplished television host and has hosted various programs including Curiosity, Aroused in which she investigated claims of lead poisoning in lipstick as well as ghost tours and visiting psychic fairs. Skye was also regularly featured as a panelist on 404.

Skye Larsen led Broca Tech and led several artificial intelligence projects such as Bagley and Daybreak with an AI in mind; she believed humanity’s destructive behavior has resulted in repeated disasters that require an artificial intelligence solution in order to save it from its inevitable extinction. Skye was also known for being an avid transhumanist; believing humans should be uploaded into computer programs as immortal beings.

Skye had good intentions, yet her actions belied those ideals. She suffered from thanatophobia and craved power and control; often being cruel towards loved ones like Aiden (comatose brother), Ada her dog and Sinead her mother Sinead; misogynist tendencies as well as suffering from Messiah complex were among her characteristics.

Skye decided that she could avoid death by uploading herself into the global cloud at London Blume Complex. When confronted by DedSec operatives sent to stop her, however, neither party could reach an agreement about what should happen next – Skye begged them to close down her computer so she could die while Nowt insisted she remain uploaded so he can continue his work.

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