ScarlettandTom – Tom Cruise Wants to Work With Her


Scarlettandtom boasts an exquisite body, which she knows how to utilize to the fullest potential. As a cam girl she offers much for the right guy. Known for her curvier figure and irresistibly tempting pout she excels at fucking as well as taking time and enjoying every second.

Since her big screen debut back in 2008, she has been an absolute fixture. Though her acting career started out small, over time it has blossomed into something special. She currently stars as Black Widow in Marvel Cinematic Universe and has several projects lined up.

Johansson currently stars in an Apple TV+ movie called Project Artemis; however, one actor she would love to work with would be Tom Cruise; she made this comment during an interview at the premiere of her new film Asteroid City.

Scarlett and Violet don’t make much difference to the story, but their differences add an interesting element that demonstrates time travel. This is particularly evident through the Pokemon they each possess: Scarlett has Koraidon which features prehistoric styling but excels when using physical attacks while Violet uses Miraidon which features futuristic looks but excels with special attacks.

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