R Mombod – Is Kate Middleton a Misogynist?

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While some may praise the mom bod trend, others see it as evidence of double standards: men can look like sweaty monsters while still being considered attractive; while for women in order to be considered desirable they must lose their mom bod – something which does not consider pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding into account. This situation is unfair to women.

Akilah points out that the article that inspired this trend praises men who drink beer and pizza, yet she wonders why men who fit this description are being celebrated for looking like middle-aged women who’ve let their figure slip while caring for children. According to Akilah, this forms part of an oppressive system wherein male droopy bodies are celebrated while women’s mom bods are disapproved of.

Moms of all shapes and sizes should be honored and celebrated for being themselves, regardless of how they look or fit into society’s expectations. Raising children can be hard work; we should praise moms for achieving it successfully! It would be unfair to judge someone over something they cannot change – suggesting Kate Middleton lose her “mommy bod” would only fuel such misogynist views further.

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