Nursepatti first made her first appearance on The Loud House in the episode “Teachers’ Union”. She has long, brunette hair and almond eyes, wearing a teal nurse uniform with long white sleeves, golden triangular earrings, and light blue slip-on shoes. Nursepatti enjoys mini golf and seems particularly fond of Coach Pacowski.

Patti has been featured in multiple national media outlets, from CNN and The New York Times to Allure magazine and Pop Sugar. Additionally, she participated in Dove Courage is Beautiful campaign that honored unappreciated nurses around the world; additionally she spoke extensively on mental support needs of healthcare workers as well as how health disparities disproportionately impacted African-Americans.

Patti has over two decades of nursing experience working on orthopedic, ENT, and neurosurgical units in both Pittsburgh and Baltimore. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing as well as being Registered in Pennsylvania as well as additional coursework related to nursing leadership and advanced practice.

Patti hails from Haitian parents and boasts an extensive background in community organizing, social justice and philanthropy. Her personal mission is to empower individuals to use their voices and advocate for their rights. In 2019, Patti founded The Lafontant Foundation as a non-profit to address health disparities while equipping individuals to take control of their health decisions themselves.

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