Nudists Women’s Naturalist Rules

Female nudity has long served as an inspiration to artists throughout history. It evokes beauty, reverie and the forbidden while often representing taboo-breaking art movement topics that cause controversy across multiple movements.

Mary Beth Edelson was an East Coast feminist artist known for utilizing remote outdoor locations such as caves and ruins to stage ritualistic solo nud performances she photographed, which depicted feminine goddess archetypes embodied by nature as she used nature as a grand stage to invoke ancient traditions that stressed female power.

Asian women have long captured the imaginations of artists. These vintage nude paintings capture their delicate features, subtle expressions and inherent grace.

Are some nudists practicing naturalist movement-inspired nudism enforcing a “naked only” rule where friends and family also need to undress? Does this aim to stop leering and flirting among members, or prevent lewd leering and touching? Such an arrangement seems at odds with its values and may undermine its mission statement.

AANR’s rules stress the importance of respecting local wildlife and ecology, encouraging members to walk along shorelines rather than drive on them. Furthermore, they prohibit kicking sand into unmentionable crevices due to its potential to chafe skin and even cause infection; furthermore AANR warns against looking at other members’ penises as this reinforces rape culture that goes against the spirit of naturalist communities.

The naturalist community is composed of people from various walks of life, ages and occupations. Our rules aim to create an enjoyable experience and ensure everyone feels welcome and supported when making their choice to be naturally nude.

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