Nika_La – A Review of a Russian Girl on Onlyfans and Chaturbate

Nika_La is an attractive and well-mannered Russian girl who has posted numerous high-quality videos on Onlyfans and Chaturbate. She makes for an enjoyable chatting experience and always has something interesting to say; she’s great conversationalist, open-minded and has excellent privacy control measures in place.

Nikala self-funded her liposuction surgery with funds saved from two or three family holidays; without it, life would be difficult and distressful for both herself and her beautiful daughters. Since undergoing the liposuction she now takes long walks, not avoiding high impact exercise and compliantly wearing compression tights; enjoying beaches trips and playing sports with her young family while seeing a significant reduction in dress size! Her dress size has even shrunk by half! She feels like an entirely different woman!

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