Monster Madness – Dixie the Pixie


Dixiethepixie is a member of the Bad News Bugbears and an evil pixie, fighting in Monster Madness Tournament as an adversarial opponent. Dixie’s first round opponent was Coke Sprite who displayed some kind of disapproval by stripping to her waist before casting detect thoughts on Coke to discover that she wanted to go invisible, was scared of water, had commitment issues and wanted to become invisible herself; Dixie cast detect thoughts again before polymorphing into a riding horse and nusseling Coke into submission before polymorphing into riding horse mode to nussel Coke to death. For round two Dixieopposed Borf Giant Badger who fell victim to Dixie’s magic dust making him believe he was stuck inside an old folks home without anyone loving him anymore before taking him out for good! In round two Dixieopposed Borf and made believe he was trapped inside by making him believe his mother wouldn’t cared about.

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