Momma Spankings

Momma Spankings is an online spanking site featuring female top models who play the roles of mom to misbehaving girls who need disciplined. Their scenarios range from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking and strapping; all performed mother/daughter. There are many naughty spanking girls willing to be disciplined for their misbehavior!

Sarah needs a wake-up call as a daughter and needs to be reminded of her duties as one. She has been sneaking out of her room at night, which has put mom into serious distress. To restore order and bring Sarah back into line, mom takes her over the knee and spanks her hard over PJs, panties and finally her bare butt. After each spanking is complete, Sarah must retrieve a paddle.

Kiki is an unpleasant teenage who continues to insist on wearing children’s clothing even at 18 years old. Kiki’s mother wants her to act more maturely and, having had enough, spanks her in her PJs, panties, bare bottom and finally uses the wooden hairbrush on this defiant teenager until she eventually gives in and spanks again with the wooden hairbrush!

Clare Fonda was humiliated by her daughter Rachel’s behavior at school and is determined to teach her a lesson at home. Clare starts spanking Rachel OTK over her leggings, panties and eventually her naughty bare bottom before using a hairbrush as part of this humiliating punishment – it ensures Rachel never forgets this humiliating punishment!

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