Martin is a 16-year-old boy with an avid interest in horror cinema and paranormal activity. As an agent with The Center while attending Torrington Academy, he serves missions with remarkable speed. Although sometimes immature at school, Martin proves adept on missions with its complex missions that test quick thinking and intelligence despite being underachiever academically. Martin relies heavily on his extensive knowledge of supernatural beings to help protect him against danger; additionally he’s known to use his U-Watch, an advanced watch-like device packed full of useful gadgetry inside.

Diana, Martin’s step-sister, is a strict overachiever who often struggles to understand his fascination with monsters and paranormal. While Diana doesn’t share his enthusiasm for such topics as monsters or paranormal phenomena, she respects him for his intelligence and intuition when conducting missions – something she rarely shares herself due to being more timid herself.

Princess Diana spoke candidly with BBC reporter Jennie Bond in 1996 about her marriage, her affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, her struggle with bulimia and postnatal depression as well as Bashir’s pressure for her to give the interview. Charles Spencer raised the matter again in 2020 when he claimed Bashir pressured Diana into giving it. A new investigation by Lord John Dyson into these claims was initiated; after its publication in May 2021 it revealed evidence that Bashir used counterfeit documents in order to persuade Diana into giving it. Following these findings the BBC published an apology with full acknowledgements to all parties involved.

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