Magic_Elf is a limited-time NPC that offers boosts and items in exchange for candies. He was added in Update 13, removed in Update 14 (Christmas update) but then reinstated again in Update 17 (Peak performance update).

Elves possess functional immortality, an innate ability to influence much of their environment, enhanced strength and agility, the capability of seeing ghosts or similar beings, as well as being capable of walking across snow without breaking it. Elves use their magic to aid the growth of plants and other things, but cannot use it to create fire out of wet faggots. Elves do not consider their magic “magical”, any more than humans consider sight of their hands a miracle. At its heart, magic and goeteia are just qualities some people possess while others do not. Galadriel describes both as being ‘good” while goeteia can be described as “evil”, though in my mind the distinction comes down to motive or use; which, to my understanding, remains unclear even within Tolkien’s works.

The Magic Elf is an engaging way for students to understand the significance of Christmas! Every morning in December, hide this little guy around your classroom with one of 17 messages included in this packet and tell your students they must read and complete an activity before moving onto reading another message and moving onto something new! At the end of each month, compile their work into a book so they can take home and share with their families!

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