Lucy Loud Naked – Characters and Background Information

Lucy Loud Naked

As with her siblings, Lucy Loud Naked enjoys vampire-related things and is germophobic. Additionally, she’s an amateur magician using a talisman she wears around her chest to perform magic tricks. Lucy is the oldest sister in this clan; she can play both pipe organ and electric guitar adeptly as well as being an early child prodigy who developed an extensive vocabulary. Lucy showed Edwin an alternate future where his customers stopped going into his store, bankrupted it completely, then died unexpectedly while she also dislikes pink haired sisters Lynn has had five year between their birth and Lynn’s; plus disliked pink; sometimes seen gloomily smiling instead; having the biggest age gap of all siblings among this clan of four siblings is Lucy.

As a child, she was always drawn to goth culture; not just experiencing an out of body experience. Her favorite dessert is blood pudding and she wishes to become an undertaker by day and vampire by night. Girl Lynn wears black cloaks along with dark grey gloves, long black boots and wears clothes and tights that resemble Girl Lynn’s look; when jumping-scares her siblings she hears an audible “scream-sound effect”.

Levi Loud, or Levi as she’s more commonly known, is the male version of Lisa Loud and shares similar characteristics as Lola with no eyelashes and similar personality traits as his brothers: harsh, doggedly aggressive behavior that even Lola wouldn’t say as often; harsh tone when talking back; harsh words when disagreeing; does dogpiles; however he cares more for Linka than most brothers do, less aggressive towards Linka than most brothers, less hostile attitude etc. He and Leif are voiced by Grey Griffin who also lends voiced her counterpart female characters! Grey Griffin voices both Levi & Leif.

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