Love Smooth Jazz presents a selection of romantic and soulful tunes designed to capture the listeners’ emotions with melodies crafted to celebrate love through music. Listeners will experience its unifying power while immersing themselves in its melodies that offer sonic serenades that honor this connection between romance and melody.

Tame frizz and achieve silky, glossy finishes with our best-selling super soother. This gentle formula hydrates and soothes dry hair and sensitive scalps to promote healthier locks while helping color last up to 95% longer!

FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Shampoo and Conditioner are professional duos designed to keep colored hair looking vibrant and healthy even under humid conditions. Their sulfate-, paraben-, and silicone-free formulation gently cleanses while leaving hair soft, smooth, radiant without dulling residue; plus it contains Quinoa for all-natural plant protein strengthening each strand and nourishing every scalp strand!

Lover is an elegant Japanese steel bladed thinning scissor featuring 28 grooved blades that enable you to control how much hair is thinned with every loving snip. Crafted from only premium-grade materials, Lover is light and balanced for comfortable gripping each time it is used, offering full control of how much hair is reduced until you achieve your desired result. Perfectly lightweight yet perfectly sized for all haircuts – making Lover an essential tool in creating sleek, sleek hair styles with style – complete with its rose gold handle finish, making Lover an accessory you won’t want to put down!

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