Lore_Shane13 Fucks Her Teacher

Lore_Shane13 gives her gym teacher an eyeful. She was dressed in tight T-shirt, tennis shorts and flip flops – her large tits pressed against her body – she tried ducking her head to conceal herself but the older woman caught sight of nipples underneath and asked Lore_Shane13 to lift them.

She lifted her head and leaned in, waiting for the older woman’s hand to move from her nipples towards her cock.

His hand accelerated, increasing the tempo of strokes. His dick throbbed with pleasure as he felt its rise and fall as he stroked it against her.

Literotica surprised him by offering so much sexual adventure, offering him the chance to explore a world he had never experienced before – something he hadn’t done since childhood! And that was exactly what he was after. After several months searching, hoping tonight might bring another successful result, Literotica proved him right once more.

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