Lilith Lunar – The Black Moon

Lilith_Lunar is a mathematical point, not a planet or asteroid, that represents deep-seated desires, instinctual behaviors and areas where social norms may have made us uncomfortable or alienated us from one another. Additionally, it represents power and mystique.

A black moon is often associated with forbidden, taboo and sexually suggestive material; but its significance extends far beyond this realm. A black moon can also serve as an early warning signaling potential abuse or sexual crimes within our community, or simply signalling a need to break free from old and mundane routines in life. When encountering such sensitive points it may be important to review our sexuality and spirituality to discover ways of healing ourselves from within.

Lilith can manifest as an overly rebellious energy or need for escape, creating situations like Clockwork Orange or political murders which alter a nation’s destiny. When combined with Neptune, Black Moon Lilith may tap into our collective unconscious to cause shocking social happenings while raising difficult and personal issues that need addressing head on.

Lilith in Virgo can bring an unrealistic desire for perfection that can make relationships difficult to sustain. An obsession with finding someone to meet these high standards of idealization could result in disappointment when someone fails to live up to them.

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