Katdreams is an American-based tit model who has amassed an enormous following with her hauls, experiences and photo diaries. Boasting all natural 32DDD tits she enjoys showing them off; recently breaking 500,000 subscribers has cemented her place as a powerful presence.

As Nick sets up a deli near Kat’s cafe, she becomes upset. Later she discovers he is breaking various laws, prompting her to go directly into his restaurant to confront him about them. Nick threatens to place an advertising sign at Kat’s place of business; Kat tries to warn him about its consequences before finally retreating back home.

On her first date with Oscar, she discloses to him that she has been dating Max for some time and wants things to slow down between them; unfortunately, he refuses. Later she accidentally sends him a photo showing herself without her undergarments on, which causes a stir among his peers and sparks his displeasure.

Sheila arranges for Kat to meet Brandon, a Churchill Downs worker who does live racing broadcasting. Sheila persuades Kat that Brandon likes her but later on finds out it wasn’t real and they separate.

Kat suffers a panic attack when she realizes that her cafe will soon close. Randi encourages her to make new plans but Kat fears none will work out. Meanwhile, Carter and Phil’s neighbors can be heard fighting so loudly through their apartment walls, that Phil enjoys listening in on them and listening out for new developments in their arguments.

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